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“PML series” high output current DC-DC POL converters; non-insulation type

・High output current POL converters perfect for semiconductor devices (LSI, memories, etc.)
that are required to operate under low voltage high current conditions.

February 14, 2013

TDK Corporation (President: Takehiro Kamigama, Head Office: Nihonbashi, Chuoku, Tokyo) announces that it has developed the PML series of non-insulation type high output current DC-DC POL(*1) converters to be marketed under the TDK-Lambda brand. The PML series comes in 30A and 50A types. Both types are available for immediate delivery by TDK-Lambda Corporation (President : Yoshiaki Hirota, Head Office : Nihonbashi, Chuoku, Tokyo).

With growing popularity of cloud service and smart grid applications, the amount of information involved is rapidly increasing. Consequently, ICT(*2) infrastructure equipments that are used for transmission, sharing and storage of information are in need of more and more processing power and speed. At the same time, the trend of semiconductor devices toward low voltage high current operation is advancing rapidly. This trend required power supplies to handle higher current to deliver them higher energy.

The PML series achieved about 1.5 times higher power density (30A type) than conventional Gen-2 DOSA(*3) compliant POL converters on the same foot print. The PML series comes in 30A and 50A types. Both of them provide “power good” signals that can be used for monitoring the state of power supply and are capable of running parallel operation to accommodate even higher current.

The PML series products are POL converters that can deliver the highest current among products of the DPA System Solution product family (power supplies for distributed power architectures) of TDK-Lambda. Together with the iCF, iCG, and other series of POL converters, they form a rich product lineup that can respond to diversified needs of customers.

  • (*1) Point of load(*2) Information and communication technology
    (*3) DOSA: Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance

■ Main features

  • Achieves high efficiency up to 92%(*4)
  • Comes in 30A and 50A types
  • Provides power good signals for monitoring of power supply state
  • Can run in the parallel operation mode to accommodate higher current
  • Delivers a wide range of output voltage between 0.7V and 2.0V.
  • Provides remote sensing and remote on/off control capability.
  • (*4) PML12050A007V model Vo=2V

■ Major applications

Computers, servers, routers, storage devices, communication devices, semiconductors, measuring equipments

■ Summary of specifications

Model names: PML12030A007V and PML12050A007V

Product lineup:

Model PML12030A007V PML12050A007V
Input voltage range DC12V (8~14V)
Efficiency (typical) Vo = 0.7V 83% 83%
Vo=1.2V 88% 89%
Vo=2V 91% 92%
Output voltage variable range 0.7~2.0V
Output current 30A 50A
Maximum output power 60W 100W
Mounting type SMT
Remote sensing YES
Remote on/off control YES
Parallel operation Possible
Size (WxHxD) in millimeters 33.0 × 8.0(max) × 13.5mm 33.0 × 8.0(max) × 22.9mm

■ Product availability: February 14, 2013

Upper side: PML12050A007V / Lower side PML12030A007V

Upper side: PML12050A007V / Lower side PML12030A007V

■ Glossary

  • POL converters
    They are non-insulation type DC-DC converters that are placed close to an LSI such as FPGA or ASIC as its dedicated power source.
  • DOSA Standards
    They are a set of standards established by the US Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance, a standard-setting organization for power supply modules.

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