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TDK has developed an isolated bidirectional DC-DC converter platform

June 29, 2012

TDK Corporation (President: Takehiro Kamigama, Head Office: Nihonbashi, Chuoku, Tokyo) announces that it has developed an isolated DC-DC converter platform that converts electrical power bidirectionally TDK-Lambda Corporation (President: Yoshiaki Hirota, Head Office: Nihonbashi, Chuoku, Tokyo) will use this platform as the basis for it’s new EZA series of dc-dc converters.

■ Development background and concept

As we progress toward realization of a low carbon society, various efforts are being made on a global scale to develop effective energy management systems based on renewable energy such as electricity generated by solar power and wind force. Such standalone systems cannot store energy to cater for peaks and troughs in generation. TDK’s compact, light weight and highly efficient bidirectional DC-DC converter platform will enable charging and discharging of storage batteries.

■ Product positioning

Charging and discharging of a rechargeable battery from / to DC voltage bus needs upward and downward power conversion. Previously, it was necessary to develop a special power unit or switch between 2 DC-DC converters, one for upward conversion, the other for downward conversion, to accomplish this. TDK took advantage of its latest power supply technologies and developed a new DC-DC converter platform that can handle bidirectional power conversion. TDK-Lambda is to use it as the base to introduce its DC-DC converters the “EZA series”. The new series of high performance bidirectional DC-DC converters will help customers develop energy storage systems with rechargeable batteries.

■ Main features

  • Isolated topology that has advantage in safety and noise management.
  • Digitally controlled optimization achieves high conversion efficiency of 94% or higher in both directions.
  • Capable of autonomous operation and can automatically change conversion direction to stabilize input or output voltage.
  • Capable of changing conversion direction at high speed.
  • External devices can control and monitor the status of current, voltage and conversion direction through the RS485 serial communication port.
  • Compact size (1U full rack)

■ Major applications

  • Energy storage systems (charge and discharge control of lithium ion batteries, lead acid batteries, etc. that are connected to the DC bus)
  • Energy recycling systems

Profile of EZA series

Series name EZA series (Isolated bidirectional DC-DC converter)
  • Maximum rating of 2,500W for both directions
  • Bidirectional conversion efficiency of up to 94%
  • Seamless switch between charge and discharge within 15ms (typical)
        Accomplished by optimized design of transformer, synchronized rectification
         and digital control technology
        Possible to stabilize DC bus voltage; e.g. smart grid, etc.
  • Self commutating mode and external control mode
        Self commutating mode: autonomously stabilizes the voltage of controlled object
        and determines conversion direction
        External control mode: external command dictates conversion direction
  • Serial data communication through RS485
  • Compact size, light weight
        1U full rack size

■ Summary of specifications

Model: EZA2500-32048


Model name EZA2500-32048
Item Charge Discharge
Output voltage 48V(36-60V) 320V(300-380V)
Input voltage 320V(300-380V) 48V(36-60V)
Maximum efficiency 94% 94%
Maximum output 2.5kW
Size (mm) W:422.8 H43.6(1U) D:400
External control RS485
Operation mode Self commutating/external control mode (mode can be externally set via RS485)
Other Input output isolation; expandable by parallel operation

Orders can be placed from July 1, 2012
*We will accept orders only from Japan for the present.

EZA Series Product Appearance

Image appearance

About TDK Corporation

TDK Corporation is a leading electronics company based in Tokyo, Japan. It was established in 1935 to commercialize ferrite, a key material in electronic and magnetic products. TDK's current product line includes passive components, magnetic application products as well as energy devices, flash memory application devices, and others. TDK today focuses on demanding markets in the areas of information and communication technology and consumer, automotive and industrial electronics. The company has a network of design and manufacturing locations and sales offices in Asia, Europe, and in North and South America. In fiscal 2012, TDK posted total sales of USD 9.9 billion and employed about 79,000 people worldwide.

About TDK-Lambda

TDK-Lambda Corporation, a group company of TDK Corporation, is a leading global power supply company providing highly reliable power supplies for industrial equipment worldwide. TDK-Lambda Corporation meets the various needs of customers with our entire range of activities, from research and development through to manufacturing, sales, and service with bases in five key areas, covering Japan, Europe, America, China, and Asia. For more details, please visit the following URL.

■ Glossary

  • Isolated DC-DC converter
    Isolated DC-DC converter is a full-fledged DC-DC converter that deliberately uses transformers to achieve higher safety, higher effectiveness in noise management and capable of handling high output power.
  • Serial communication
    It is a data communication method that sends data one bit at a time on a single signal line as opposed to parallel communication method that handles multiple data signals concurrently and in parallel.

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